I will start with saying that the hotel should have a 5+ rating.
I was lucky enough to win a stay for two in a competition.
The staff is amazing, smiling, absolutely not at work as a punishment, as is often the case, always cordial but completely unobtrusive.
The style is maintained in the mountain theme. The notes of wood and stone are clearly the core. The room is beautiful, with a shared terrace - with a view of the Sosnowka lagoon and the Jelenia Góra + the surrounding area - we also had a private balcony overlooking the mountains and forests, which was my favorite. The room is well equipped and offers more than you would expect. Calling room service through the air-conditioning panel or pillow menu in the room are just some of the interesting features. We had the opportunity to enjoy a tasting dinner, where calling it dinner is like calling an angler a fisherman :)) Obviously the food - as expected - surprised us with each successive dish. I am each time delighted with the chefs' ideas on how to combine unobvious flavors, and here I was not disappointed. In addition, the chef, Mr. Tomasz Czarnecki, while serving each dish, briefly talked about it, which not everyone can appreciate - it was a lot of fun for us :) If I'm already on the subject of food- it's hard for me to overlook the quality of the meals and products at breakfast. Let me warn you that enjoying a breakfast so delicious and with such a beautiful view you have to reserve more time for it than usually :) In addition to the stay and the tasting dinner, the reward also included an hour-long massage. My husband was lucky this time, he was very satisfied and relaxed, but also clearly instructed about the reasons for the tension. The spa itself is at an impeccable level.
The hotel offers a ton of attractions including a beautiful outdoor pool, billiards, library, and gym.
I strongly recommend it. We concluded that we have never been so close to magic in a hotel :)

Deserves 5☆! Spacious and tastefully decorated rooms, clean. Nice and professional staff. Very good food. The bar generously supplied. Great location, as for me. I will definitely come back here. Recommended!

A holiday weekend at this hotel was so wonderful. 24-hour gym, super pool, and sauna where I felt I got to relax. I recommend it especially in winter because of the unearthly views and the location close to Karpacz. The staff is very nice and professional which greatly increases the standards of this place. I think we will still visit this beautiful place more than once.

Superbly located, a luxury hotel with a beautiful view of the valley, a place where you can truly relax. Sensational pools with a spa area, phenomenal cuisine, and super friendly staff :) We heartily recommend it